Archive: Abschlussarbeiten Abstracts

Designing Meta-Rewards for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Cooperation

Masked Autoencoders for Unsupervised Anomalous Sound Detection

Evaluierung von metaheuristischen Optimierungsalgorithmen für Quantum Reinforcement Learning

Towards Less Greedy Quantum Coalition Structure Generation in Induced Subgraph Games

Specification Aware Evolutionary Error Search in Parameterized RL Environments

Optimierung von Variational Quantum Circuits für Hybride Quantum Proximal Policy Optimization Algorithmen

Link-Konfiguration für Satellitenkommunikation mittels Reinforcement Learning

Anomalous Sound Detection with Multimodal Embeddings

Beeinflussung von Verhalten durch Reward-Manipulation im Multi-Agent Reinforcement-Learning

Portraying Reinforcement Learning Policies via Diverse Behavior selected using Evolutionary Algorithms

Diversity-Driven Pre-Training for Efficient Transfer Reinforcement Learning

Konstruktion von Quantenschaltkreisen mit eingeschränkten Gattern

Balancing Populations with Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Path-Connectedness of the Boundary between Features that Are Labeled Differently by a Single Layer Perceptron

Consensus-Based Mutual Acknowledgment Token Exchange

A Reinforcement Learning Environment for directed Quantum Circuit Synthesis

Final Productive Fitness in Evolutionary Algorithms and its Approximation via Neural Network Surrogates

The Impact of Action Order in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Development of a Universal Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Environment for Predator-Prey Research

Efficient semi-supervised quantum anomaly detection using one-class support vector machines

Empowerment for Evolutionary Algorithms

Using Quantum Machine Learning to Predict Asset Prices in Financial Markets

Dimensionality Reduction with Autoencoders for Efficient Classification with Variational Quantum Circuits

Quantum-Enhanced Denoising Diffusion Models

Approximating Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization Problems using Graph Convolutional Neural Networks

Coconut Palm Tree Counting in Drone Images with Deep Object Detection

Einfluss von Embedding Methoden auf Generalisierbarkeit in Quantum Machine Learning

Community detection für gewichtete Graphen mittels Trennknotenerkennung in der NISQ Ära

Anwendung von Graphpartitionierungsalgorithmen und genetischen Algorithmen zur Optimierung der Teleportationskosten in verteilten Quantenschaltkreisen

Multi-Agent Exploration through Peer Incentivization