Maximilian Balthasar Mansky, M. Sc.

Maximilian Balthasar Mansky, M. Sc.

Lehrstuhl für Mobile und Verteilte Systeme

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Institut für Informatik

Oettingenstraße 67
80538 München

Raum E004

Telefon: +49 89 / 2180-9155

Mobile: +49 179 5391026

Fax: +49 89 / 2180-9148


Research Interests

  • Theoretical foundations of quantum computing
  • Mathematical structures of QC
  • Circuit length optimizations

Bachelor/Master thesis

If you are interested in a topic that aligns with my own research interests, please reach out to me. You can also pick a topic from the list below:

  • Efficient universal gate sets for SU(4) and higher dimensions: Based on the work of Harrow et al, „Efficient discrete approximations of quantum gates“, extend their ideas to higher dimensions.