Policy-based Update management in Smart Home environments

Partner: Siemens AG Corporate Technology
Ansprechpartner am Lehrstuhl: Diana Weiss, Georg Treu, Ralf König, Vitalian Danciu

The PUSH (Policy-based Update management in Smart Home environments) project concentrates on the adaptive configuration and the autonomic bug-fixing in embedded systems.

Our main focus is on smart home scenarios. Especially in this area, users demand dependable and error-free systems. This conflicts with producers´ request to reduce time-to-market at the cost of proper testing. Additionally producers want to implement new functionality and bring them as well into devices that are already delivered to the users.

These problems can be solved with updating the firm- or software of the devices, but manual updates can bring new errors into the system. In this project we develop concepts for the automatic update of firm- or software of smart home devices.