Dynamic Service Composition (DynSeCo)

Partner: Siemens AG Corporate Technology
Ansprechpartner am Lehrstuhl: Caroline Sauter

In the vision of pervasive computing, services are offered everywhere to the user. Even more, services adapt themselves to the user and his environment, they interact automatically to bring the most value for the user in an unintrusive way. One possibility to achieve parts of this vision is by using service composition.

The focus of the project DynSeCo is on concepts for dynamic service composition in pervasive environments. Challenges that are addressed in the context of this project are instantiation of the best composite service from available pervasive service instances, management of stateful services and adaptation of running composite services.

Scenarios from different domains like Smart Home and Smart Office/Work serve as a basis for the analysis of properties and requirements of pervasive systems. Services are composed for the user according to his preferences and his situation. During composite service usage different events initiate an adaptation. For instance, service availability may lead to a recomposition of the composite service where a used service is substituted by a new service. To achieve continuity of service usage it is necessary to provide mechanisms for the transfer of service states. To support these mechanisms the project aims to design an architecture that realizes generic concepts for dynamic service composition.