Distributed Context Reasoning and Management in Large-Scale Environments (DisCoReMa)

Partner: Siemens AG Corporate Technology
Ansprechpartner am Lehrstuhl: Claudia Linnhoff-Popien, Florian Fuchs

The DisCoReMa project aims to develop and evaluate generic architectures and strategies for reasoning over distributed context information in large-scale industrial environments. The goal is to dynamically combine the relevant context information from different sources in order to allow for better situation understanding and handling.

The DisCoReMa project therefore comprises several problem domains, ranging from context modelling for integrating heterogeneous context sources over discovery of appropriate context providers to reasoning over distributed context information and intelligent situation understanding and handling.

Ambient Intelligence is the vision of a world of intelligent environments which are autonomous, adaptive and anticipatory. Context-awareness, i.e. understanding and handling the current situation, is a key aspect of Ambient Intelligence.

In today’s small-scale realizations of Ambient Intelligence, context-awareness is usually based on a limited number of context providers with simple means of combining context information.

In future large-scale environments with a large number of heterogeneous context providers and ever growing amounts of context information, however, context-awareness requires dynamic discovery of relevant context providers, effective management of distributed context information and intelligent integration and reasoning over distributed context information. Novel architectures and strategies are needed for this.

The object of the DisCoReMa project is to develop a robust and reliable framework for situation understanding and handling in large-scale industrial environments such as transport systems, manufacturing systems and building infrastructures.