Accounting-based Decision Strategies for Context Brokerage

Partner: Anind K. Dey (Carnegie Mellon University, HCI Institute)
Ansprechpartner am Lehrstuhl: Claudia Linnhoff-Popien, Iris Hochstatter, Johannes Martens, Michael Dürgner (Student)

The vision of ubiquitous computing with context-aware applications which are easy to use and provide exactly the information a user wants have been a field of continuous research during the last years. Lately some of these applications or application ideas have evolved from pure research into real business cases and actual services. Whereas research in the past often focused on single applications there is no longer one single player offering services and gathering all necessary context information himself. When these systems evolve into business cases accounting is crucial and context provisioning has to be enhanced by accounting mechanisms between all parties involved.

This project is concerned with the integration of accounting functionality into our context processing middleware CoCo. The monitoring data from accounting will in a second step also be used to enhance context brokerage with CoCo. Historical data will be combined with user feedback to decisions and trigger better decisions which context sources should be used.

The project is carried out in cooperation with Anind K. Dey and the HCI Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.